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Adobe Illustrator updated to 10.0.1

marzo 24, 2020

Graphic professionals will welcome with interest the news of the first update for Adobe Illustrator, signed 10.0.1 (perhaps a trend that of micro-numbering?).

The approximately 9.5 MB of updater takes care of improving the performance of the software, speeding up the startup time of the application, the copy / paste functions, opening and saving files (especially those with a large amount of text) , as well as operations such as scrolling, panning, and zooming. The increased performance is more evident in the use of Epson printers.

In addition to the inevitable bug fix, related to some preferences that were not correctly maintained, the ability to record files directly on servers with Microsoft Windows NT is also added. Finally, Adobe also adapts to the Euro, making sure that the OpenType fonts and Type 1 display the glyph symbol in an appropriate manner, when saving in ".ai" or ".pdf" formats. The update can be downloaded directly by clicking on this link.