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3 and iPhone: this is how the duopoly will be disrupted

An aggressive offer that will account for the particular type of iPhone, oriented towards data. Here is what Macity in the first minutes after the official announcement of the launch of the iPhone in the offer of 3 managed to know from some reliable sources on the company's plans.

According to what has been brought to our attention, the intention of the company from Novari (fourth operator in Italy with just under nine million customers) to literally break into the duopoly of Vodafone and Tim and propose the identity of a company that has always proposed itself as a manager very tied to the offer on data traffic. What this will mean in practice yet to be defined, but our sources have learned that the commercial initiative of 3 will be divided into two fronts: the cost of the subsidized telephone (cheaper than that of Vodafone and Tim) and particularly aggressive data rates.

To understand how aggressive it is enough to look at the current "zero" rates that start from 4 GB of traffic included with 29 euros of monthly fee. Today those who are generous like Vodafone put in their iPhone 2 GB rates but only by paying 50 euros per month. Tim for 35 euros only provides one GB and 200 minutes of calls; Three for Zero6 requires 4 GB and 500 minutes. 3 also offers a rate with 20 GB of data included which is not the unlimited data mentioned elsewhere, but 4 times that which Tim offers with its Unlimited. The difference? The cost: with Tim to have 5 GB you have to pay 180 euros per month, with Three 80 euros per month. According to our sources, the chances that these rates are replicated for iPhones are "high", although there is some adjustment. It is not yet clear if there will be tariffs with real unlimited data, but 20 GB per month is really a huge amount for a mobile phone.

Good news that will interest those who are not inclined to take out subscriptions the intention, also learned from our site from market sources, of 3 to set up a special offer for rechargeable. Those who purchase an iPhone Tre with a rechargeable 3 card (with a monthly top-up commitment) will receive 3 GB of data until the end of the year. Subsequently, the offer will end, but there will be options that have been described as "very attractive" for having the data with your rechargeable.

Customers may also find offer 3 attractive for other purely technical reasons: the mobile operator of the Hutchinson Whampoa group has more frequencies than its competitors and fewer customers to saturate the band, has the UMTS / HSDPA network with greater national coverage and speed that in most cases, for these converging factors, better than those of the competitors.

The only disadvantages at this time are the lack of EDGE and GPRS coverage; this means that in the absence of a UMTS network, the Sim 3s go roaming and all the promotions activated are not valid with very high costs for data traffic. To avoid nasty surprises, it may be necessary to block data roaming.

Offer 3, launched commercially in July, will be announced in detail next week according to what Macity learned.

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