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You will soon be able to order and pay for a Big Mac directly from your iPhone

McDonald's announced the forthcoming release of an application that will allow users to order their Big Mac and pay directly from their smartphone or other connected mobile device. The decision of the American giant was born in an attempt to offer solutions already adopted by other players in the sector, such as for example Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and other companies active in the restaurant sector, at the same time careful to offer the end user technological solutions that make it easier the experience within their stores is more immediate.

McDonald's new application dedicated to payments and orders from mobile devices will be available starting next year in the United States and in various international markets, with rapid expansion expected on all 25,000 sales points scattered throughout the world, which should definitely integrate this system by the end of 2018.

McDonald's has already launched testing for its application for orders and payments in other countries, such as Austria and Thailand, and some selected points of sale in Europe. Probably the success of this experimental phase convinced the company to plan the global launch of this new technology, which will allow users not only to browse the menu available in a specific store, but also to order their own meal and pay for it. directly from the smartphone through the enabled payment systems.

In many Italian McDonalds there are kiosks available (like the one in the image below) through which you can select the preferred menu, order your meal, and pay directly from the integrated terminal, then go directly to the table and wait for the room attendant join us with the tray to serve as ordered. Hence the short step and the use of an application that allows access to the same functionality as the self-service kiosk appears to be the most reasonable and subsequent solution to the integration of this technology.

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