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With iOS 10.2 notifications arrive in HomeKit: here's what changes for Apple's home automation

Homekit acquires new capabilities and the first to take advantage of the new iOS 10.2 update online from 12 December 2016 are certainly the opening and movement sensors of elgato: especially the first, introduced for months, was waiting for this option as an element capable of increasing its value practical in a demotic system making it able to actually work within complex scenes.

Thanks to the iOS 10.2 update, both sensors will now be able to notify directly or to the Homekit system when a door, window or door is opened or when movement is detected.

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While previously the value had to be requested from the iOS device to the sensor and you could only see them by accessing the Home or Eve application of Elgato (and other similar ones that use HomeKit) now the sensor that sends a message to HomeKit on its change of state as happens for many non-HomeKit alarm-tagging systems that we have tried on these pages (think of Netatmo's Tags).

Thanks to iOS 10.2 it is possible to have notifications directly on your main screen or in the list of notifications. If you are away from home you must have a fourth generation Apple TV or a home iPad enabled for this purpose.

Obviously you will have to enable the notification in the iOS settings once the sensor is included in your HomeKit system and choose in which alarm mode you want to receive them with or without the locked screen etc etc.

The interesting thing, which as usual highlights the added value of HomeKit compared to the security factor, that in the management of notifications there are no external push servers of Apple or Elgato (or of any other producers) involved but the communication takes place directly with an encryptionend -to-end between the accessory and your iOS device or Apple TV.

Direct notification takes place even if you do not have an Apple TV in the house but if you want remote control and you want to interact for example with an open-closed detection with a thermostat you need to have a fourth generation Apple TV at home or a visa-enabled iPad that the HomeKit thermostat (Honeywell Lyric or Netatmo Starck at the moment) communicates over Wi-Fi and the Elgato accessories communicate over Bluetooth.

In the next few hours we will show you how to make an opening sensor and a thermostat or an opening sensor and a fan combined with a socket controlled together with the review by elgato Door and Window.

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