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What you don't find in iPhone OS 3.0 downloaded to your iPod / iPhone

iPhone OS 3.0 very powerful but must adapt to the different hardware models with touch screen that Apple has been marketing for two years now: 3 generations of iPhone and 2 of iPod touch. It is obvious that all the features promised by the new operating system are not they can be applied to all models that have evolved over time by adding different microphones, speakers, cellular radios, advanced cameras for the iPhone 3Gs and also hidden chips for the second generation iPod touch.

Let's start backwards: the top Apple touch machine of course the 3Gs which has all the features that can be used by iPhone 3.0, the advanced hardware, the fast processor and much more.

What does 3G have compared to 3Gs?The 3G does not have a compass, it does not have the voice over that describes all the current operations of the telegono, it cannot be controlled by voice with the Voice Control for the telephone part and for the iPod part (however there are third-party software for calling voice), it has a 2 Mpixel fixed focus camera instead of a 3 Mpixel adjustable focus, it cannot shoot videos. It has a shorter battery life.

What does the iPhone Edge have compared to 3G?It does not have the GPS chip, it cannot connect to A2DP stereo wireless Bluetooth (even if it recognizes the speakers), it does not have tethering (except with devices and jailbreak) and it cannot manage MMS (while it can operate on SMS forwarding, single cancellations etc.)

What has iPod touch 2G less than iPhone 3G?It does not have the telephone part, the GPS part and the photographic part. Bluetooth, on the other hand, is activated with version 3.0 also in A2DP mode. The microphone input works only with an additional headphone and microphone

What has the first generation iPod touch less than the iPod touch 2G?It has no Bluetooth, has no microphone input (but can work with microphones on the Dock input), has no volume keys.

So in essence, do not expect iPhone OS 3.0 to transform any Apple touch gizmo into an iPhone 3Gs and do not go crazy to find functions that are not enabled but try to make the most of all its capabilities perhaps in view of the specific software that is going to new OS on the App Store. If you really find that your iPhone or touch does not do everything you want, there is always the possibility to sell it in the Used section of our Forum.