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Vodafone, here are the rates and new costs for iPhone 3G S

Vodafone, here are the rates and new costs for iPhone 3G S – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Vodafone has finally prepared the page for the new iPhone 3G

In the home, completely renovated and now also simplified, you will find all the rates for private individuals and for the business world. The offers for subscription and rechargeable, the technical sheet, gallery, application and link for support.

The figures are what we anticipated yesterday: 8 GB iPhone from 0 to 499 euros, depending on whether you buy it with rechargeable or by subscription, 16 GB 3G S from 69 to 619 euros and 32 GB model from 129 to 719 EUR. The contract offers for the model range from 50 euros per month to 150 euros per month; all offers must be added 10 euros per month for navigation. There is also a mobile Internet for iPhone which can be added to any subscription, contract or rate at 10 euros per month for 2 GB or 3 euros per week for 500 MB.

The phones are all for sale online.

Special offers

iPhone XS Max 64 GB today discounted by 114 euros

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