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Vodafone, here are plans and costs for iPhone 3G S

iPhone 32 GB for everyone, even for those who stipulate the cheapest tariff plans. Here is one of the main differences between Vodafone's and Tim's offerings.

According to what Macity has learned from official sources, the top model of the mobile phone will be placed in the easy phone offer with a price of 329 euros, paying with a monthly payment of 9 euros per month. Note that the 16 GB 3G S model costs, with the same offer, 269 euros, 60 euros less than the 32 GB model but the same price it had previously. The Libero Stile and Pi Facile Small offers remain unchanged. The Free Style with 19 euro provides 2 GB per month of data, 15 cent SMS and 9 cent calls to everyone. The Pi Facile Small costs 44 euros per month for 2 GB, calls for 200 minutes to everyone and unlimited text messages to a number of your choice. In addition, it will be possible to activate the Unlimited Messages option for one month for free.

The new iPhone 3G S will then be available at 69 euros (16 GB) or 129 euros for the 32GB version for the 150 euros fees of the Vodafone Pi Facile which give 2000 minutes to everyone and unlimited to a Vodafone number with 2 GB of data at a cost of 10 euros. With the Vodafone Large iPhone 16 GB it will cost 169 euros and 229 euros, with the Vodafone Pi Facile Medium 269 and 329 euros

To surf freely on your iPhone, Vodafone offers all mobile rechargeable and subscription customers the Mobile Internet offer for iPhone that allows you to make the best use of all the functions and potential of the iPhone while maintaining your preferred tariff plan. All subscription customers will thus be able to perform up to 2GB of data traffic on their iPhone 3G with a contribution of 10 euros per month. For rechargeable customers it will be possible to activate a weekly offer that allows you to make up to 500MB of traffic every week with a weekly contribution of 3 euros.

As for the 8 GB iPhone 3G, nothing changes compared to the previous offer: cost from 0 to 199 euros depending on the Pi Facile plan and 199 euros for the Facile for iPhone.

Officially confirmed, the costs of the iPhone with rechargeable that Macity had anticipated two days ago: 619 euros for the 16GB version and 719 euros for the 32GB version.

Vodafone then offers all professionals and companies, owners of VAT, the possibility of having the new 16GB iPhone 3G S. In particular, Vodafone offers all customers with VAT numbers the Vodafone Business Pack for iPhone offer that allows you to purchase the new iPhone 3G S with the mobile voice tariff plan that best suits your needs or by maintaining your own tariff plan. All Business customers will thus be able to carry out up to 2GB of data traffic and purchase the new iPhone 3G S, with a monthly contribution of 30 euros (excluding VAT). Note that business customers cannot get the 32GB iPhone 3G S but have the 16GB iPhone for free

In addition, all new customers who switch to Vodafone and want to buy the new iPhone 3G S, will be able to choose the Vodafone Full Optional offer for iPhone to have, in a single package, the new iPhone 3G S, data traffic and all the voice traffic needed. With Vodafone Full Optional for iPhone, the customer will be able to benefit from 2,000 minutes of voice calls per month to everyone without connection fee, unlimited calls to 3 Vodafone numbers, 2 GB of data traffic per month and the brand new iPhone 3G S, all included with a monthly contribution of 100 euros (excluding VAT).

Overall, therefore, Vodafone, except for the distinction on the iPhone 32 GB (which Tim offers only with the Unlimited plan from 150 euros to 69 euros), made choices similar to those of the Telecom Italia mobile operator: the plans remained identical to the previous iPhone with some advantages for those who decide to buy the 16 GB and 32 GB model that have a greater subsidy than previously.