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Travel in iPhone OS 3.0: 1 – Research

If your iPhone or iPod touch has become the focus of your digital and you use it to store notes, emails, appointment addresses and to install dozens of applications and thousands of songs, it may be necessary to quickly find information, an audio track, data This is the very first window you find with the new iPhone OS 3.0 placed even before the "home" window with the main applications!


In fact, just slide the starting window to the right to find a white space with a magnifying glass in which we can enter any term to search for in our touch device.


Thanks to the fast processor and the Flash memory the results appear almost instantly and are distinguished by type: songs, albums, texts within the notes, parts of the address, of email messages and even the name of applications. Then click on one of the results to access the contact card, the reproduction of an audio track, the text of the note and also the launch of the single application.


It should be noted that both the music tracks and the album names are shown.

In addition to this, Apple has inserted the search option also within the iPod application, making it similar to the one already present in the contacts; the alphabetical list of songs, artists and albums now has a magnifying glass on its top: sliding the thumb upwards until the lens activates the space for the insertion of the search term within the musical content of the your iPod touch or iPhone without confusing it with other data.


At this point it will be very easy to select your favorite song or album.


Follows on this page with new iPhone and iPod touch 2nd generation Bluetooth Stereo capabilities.