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The virtual recorder also for X: Audiocorder 3.3.0

The software allows you to transform your Mac into a sophisticated audio recorder with the possibility of being activated by voice. In practice, the user decides what the volume must reach the input sound to start the recording and what are the activation and switch-off times to avoid missing important phases in correspondence with speech pauses.

Now it can also be programmed for timed recordings, with start and stop, just like a VHS video recorder. Recordings are stored as AIFF files with different encodings corresponding to different quality and space occupied: the name of each file contains date hours, minutes and seconds since the start of recording.

The program can be used for different types of applications: from the acquisition of tapes and LPs, to scientific recording in the field of documentaries, the automatic recording of radio broadcasts, the simple dictation of notes or the recording of lessons or courses, as long as you are equipped with the appropriate microphone.

The shareware that costs $ 19.99 is also available for Mac OS X and can be downloaded from this page.