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The mega iPhone factories will run on wind power

marzo 23, 2020

Apple has signed an agreement with Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology, the world's largest wind turbine manufacturer. The machines in question obviously allow the conversion of the wind into a usable form of energy, and will be used for the production processes and in the manufacturing facilities of the structures managed by Apple in China.

In particular, Beijing Tianrun New Energy Investment, 100% controlled by Goldwind, will sell 30% of its shares to four projects carried out for Apple. The Chinese manufacturer's subsidiary mainly deals with the construction and management of wind farms and will probably assist Apple in offering clean energy to the huge iPhone-producing plants in the region, including those owned by Foxconn and Pegatron.

At the moment it is not clear how much Apple will spend on these projects; in the documentation that Goldwind sent to the Hong Kong stock exchange indicated the partnership with Apple and there is talk of a "cooperative joint venture" that will not entail changes to the consolidated financial statements of the company. Both Apple and Goldwind will be represented fairly, since "important issues will require the unanimous approval of their respective boards of directors."

Apple has long been focusing on renewable energy. In China alone, in collaboration with its suppliers, it is installing over 2 gigawatts of plants for the production of clean energy. Foxconn, the first partner, will have 400 megawatts of solar systems by 2018: they will be enough to power the final iPhone production line at the Zhengzhou plant.

To reduce the emissions of the supply chain, which represents almost 75% of Apple's total carbon dioxide emissions, in 2015 the Clean Energy Program was launched which envisages the use of non-harmful chemicals, the conservation of natural resources, the reduction of energy consumption and the use of renewable energy.