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The Dynamic Web: a lesson in Friuli

The Dynamic Web: a lesson in Friuli – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The free event is presented thanks to the fruitful collaboration between P.S. Elettronica () and CFP and sees the direct intervention of Macromedia Italia, the large software house in San Francisco that has revolutionized the way we design, develop and use Internet sites.

The program foresees the "realistic" construction of an entire site, thus deepening the Macromedia technologies for the development of dynamic web pages that exploit external databases. A direct comparison will then be made between the "static" web-design of Dreamweaver and the dynamic one of Ultra -Dev. A great opportunity therefore (there are only three dates in Italy), addressed to all those who work in the world of web design, web mastering, and other network-related activities. To participate simply call 0432.482086 or send a email to (Email protected)

The Professional Training Center of Cividale del Friuli is a great educational reality that for over fifteen years has been using the Macintosh for its prepress courses that have "churned out" generation of graphic designers and employees in the DTP sector.

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