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The coronavirus does not stop the James Dyson Award: registration open

Stimulating and supporting future generations of engineers: this goal of the James Dyson Award (JDA), the design competition promoted by the James Dyson Foundation which reaches its sixteenth edition.

Aware of the particular situation in which we find ourselves, the company believes that despite the fact that schools and universities have suspended their activities, the ideas do not stop and, indeed, continue to grow, deserving to be encouraged. For this reason, support for students continues and to recent graduates who are thus placed in favorable conditions to develop projects that can shape the future.

From the moment I was born, the JDA an online competition and, as never before, his digital DNA is intertwined with the needs of each of us.

The great news this year that the prizes become two: in fact, in addition to the international winning project, Sir James Dyson himself will also award an award to the Best Sustainability Project.

The numbers

The 2019 edition stands out from the previous ones for the greater number of female participants in a sector considered predominantly male – never registered in all the 27 countries involved and for the great attention dedicated to green issues and related to society, at three hundred and sixty degrees.

In addition to the international podium, the JDA annually brings the national edition to the 27 participating countries, where university students can test themselves and offer a solution to a practical problem. Last year the Italian podium marked an all-Marche success (Stay Lock winning project), with the University of Camerino a great protagonist.

Of the winners of past editions – each awarded € 35,000 – one in five managed to successfully market their inventions.

The novelty of the 2020 edition

In addition to recognizing the international award, this year the JDA will also crown a second winner for the first time Sustainability category. In fact, for many of the participants in the competition, the goal is to improve the world with the help of engineering and technology.

Hence the idea of ​​awarding a second prize to recognize the role that engineers and scientists play in creating a sustainable future for ideas that, always with a view to doing more with less, deal with environmental or social problems.

Previous winners have focused on issues such as plastic waste, renewable energy generation and medical therapies in developing countries. In 2019 the first international prize went to MarinaTex, a compostable bioplastic directly at home, made with a combination of fish-based waste materials and sustainable algae (conceived as an alternative to disposable plastic films).

The coronavirus does not stop the James Dyson Award: registration open

How the competition takes place

The proposals in the competition are first evaluated by a commission of judges at national level and then move on to the international phase. A jury of Dyson engineers then selects a shortlist of 20 international finalists.

The first 20 projects are finally examined by Sir James Dyson in person, who elects the winner and finalists for the International category, and from today as we also said the winner of the Sustainability category.

The coronavirus does not stop the James Dyson Award: registration open


The international winner receives a prize of € 35,000 plus another € 5,500 for his university: another € 35,000 will go to the winner of the Sustainability category instead, receives a prize of € 35,000.

Instead, the two international finalists go € 5,500 each, while the prize pool for each national winner is € 2,200.

The coronavirus does not stop the James Dyson Award: registration open


To participate in the James Dyson Award, applicants must be, or have been in the past four years, enrolled for at least one semester in an engineering / design degree or doctorate program at a university in the chosen country or region.

In the case of group applications, the same must be said: in order to participate, all team members must have been, or have been in the last four years, enrolled for at least one semester in a degree or doctoral program at a university in the chosen country or region. In addition, at least one team member must have studied a suitable subject between engineering or design.

The competition currently involves 27 countries and regions around the world, namely: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the UAE, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Level 6 or Level 7 apprentices and those who have completed this internship in the last four years can also participate in this competition.

The coronavirus does not stop the James Dyson Award: registration open

How to register

Candidates can register via an online application on the James Dyson Award website: registration deadline at 8:00 am on July 1, 2020.

Requests should briefly describe the invention, its operation and its development process. The best ideas solve a real problem, are clearly illustrated, show an iterative development, provide concrete evidence of a physical prototype and are supported by a photo gallery and a video.