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Tethering and MMS for Vodafone Italia in early July

Tethering and MMS for Vodafone Italia in early July – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Good news for those who updated yesterday to iPhone 3.0 and using Vodafone found themselves without the possibility of tethering, the mobile operator will soon give functionality to its customers.

The top management of the company communicated the news to Macity, who also explain the reason for the lack of the possibility of connecting the phone with some technical problems. β€œThe function was initially present in the beta – he says to our site Vodafone – then it was eliminated in the final release. But we are working to restore it as soon as possible. At this moment we have no precise timing, but we think that for the beginning of July a new operator setting will be available that will open the tethering. No cost for end customers. It will simply be a different way of using the data included in the package "

The news of the lack of tethering in the final version of iPhone 3.0 was not a novelty for Macity readers who for several days had reported from his site the lack of this function in the final version of the operating system. That it could not be a choice dictated by market strategies had become clear and reported from our site right away since with a limited data rate, preventing the consumption of the same data on a computer makes little sense.

The update of the operator settings (now stopped at version 4.1) will also solve some problems with MMS, avoiding having to resort to hacks and particular "combinations" that are not always advisable.

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