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Spyder, on Apple Arcade the original 8-legged spy game in which to save the world

Apple Arcade does not stop even in these quarantine days, and indeed a new truly original title arrives in the catalog. It takes the name of Spyder and puts the user in the shoes of a robot spider, which has the task of foiling the most disparate plans of secret and dangerous secret agencies. The aim is to save the world as Agent 8.

In a parallel universe, the British secret services have created Agent 8, a particularly sophisticated spider-robot model. The player will take control of this tiny spy, designed using experimental technology and which, thanks to the gadgets and devices with which it is equipped, will be able to tamper with panels, terminals, switches, valves, and thus stop the monstrous plans of evil forces.

Spyder, on Apple Arcade the very original 8-legged spy game in which to save the world

It is a truly original three-dimensional adventure platform, which allows you to face challenges from a new perspective. The spider equipped with futuristic and incredible robotic gadgets, thanks to which it will be able to explore unique environments and discover secret information, naturally having to solve the countless environmental puzzles scattered throughout the game world.

As Agent 8, the player will be able to reach exotic goals and face an incredible adventure, in an era where everything is possible. Of course, included in the Apple Arcade subscription, and you can download it for free from here.

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