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Sony: Most PS4 games will run on PS5

Sony: Most PS4 games will run on PS5 – Sony: Most PS4 games will run on PS5

The (non) presentation of PS5 left a bitter taste in the mouth of those who thought they could take a look at the console from a design point of view. However, since then, Sony continues to release important information about the console, the latest of which in chronological terms referring to backward compatibility. Most PS4 games will work on the new console.

In an updated blog post on the architecture of the next console, it was made clear that most PS4 games should work on PS5.

With all the fantastic games in the PS4 catalog, we have put a lot of effort into allowing our fans to play their favorites on PS5. We believe that the vast majority of the over 4000 PS4 titles will be playable on PS5

The company says it expects that "titles compatible with previous versions will run at an enhanced frequency on PS5 so that they will benefit from higher or more stable frame rates and potentially higher resolutions:

We are currently evaluating the games title by title to identify any problems that require adjustments by the original software developers

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To date, the company has tested hundreds of games and plans to do so with the other thousands before the launch of PS5. Although it didn't offer more details on which PS4 games will work initially, Sony said it will offer more details on compatibility with previous versions and on PS5 in general in the coming months.

In any case, the giant has already declared in recent days to expect that almost all Ps4 titles will be playable on PS5 right from the launch. However, it has created some confusion about how many PS4 games will work on the new console, but it seems that the number will be particularly high, and that it will include all the main titles of the current generation.

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