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Qualcomm buys NXP for $ 40 billion

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A surprise move but, if you think about it, quite logical. With a $ 110 per share deal, which is worth about $ 40 billion in total, the large semiconductor manufacturer for mobile telephony Qualcomm (present on all Android and iPhones) bullies the automotive market by buying NXP.

The company, which wanted to be bought at $ 120 a share but apparently has been known to "settle" for a price of 4.5% lower, thus becomes the new expansion front of the giant of wireless mobility that produces Snapdragon processors for Android and the baseband radio chips for Android, Apple and various other devices.

The agreement is quite complex and, after the first news given by the financial agency Bloomberg, confirmations are now coming through other channels even if the official data will probably be reported next week.

The two companies, which are working at a fast pace to finalize the contract, which is very complex in this type of financial transaction, will then have to deal with the different anti trust entities, even if there are very few areas of overlap between the two companies.

The future of Qualcomm, which recently announced important news from Hong Kong including the first 5G Snapdragon X50 modem, in an event in which Macity also participated, now seems to be even more interesting, given the attention for the market of the The Internet of Things in which the San Diego giant now has a double presence, both in the sector of transmission blocks and low-consumption processors and in the automotive sector.

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