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Personalize Android and iPhone with LINE DECO


LINE launches LINE DECO, the app to customize iPhone and Android (download)

LINE one of the instant messaging clientsamong the most original. Heraesthetics and colorsthey give it a youthful and fun touch. Now you canmake sure your cell phone is equally specialthanks toLINE DECO. This is the app with which we canchange the appearance of the home screen of the phoneand choose from various designs for icons and backgrounds.

LINE, the famous instant messenger application and competitor of services such as WhatsApp, today launches a new service dedicated to ours Android smartphones and iPhones which allows you to fully customize our device. Let's see what LINE DECO and how it works.

LINE continues to grow, expand and launch new exclusive services to attack the competition and conquer new users. LINE DECO is now available for download, a new free program for Android and iPhone that allows users ofadd a singular touch to the home screen of their smartphones through the use of backgrounds, icons and other customizable elements. In addition to adding elements based on LINE characters, the app allows you to upload and use original decorative elements created by the users themselves.

With LINE DECO it will be easier to customize our Android and iPhone devices. But let's see what LINE DECO offers.

glthe decorative elements available in LINE DECO include backgrounds and icons that can be downloaded both individually and in packages called Deco Pack. The setting of the elements is very simple: the user only has to select the background and the icons he wants to use to decorate his smartphone. Another innovative feature is the possibility of easily customize the iPhone home screen, so far very rigid in terms of customization.

Very interesting to note that snew wallpapers, icons, Deco Packs and elements based on the LINE character series will be added every week, allowing users to change your themes at any time depending on their mood or the time of year.

Lapp also allows users to create and post their personal decorative elements within the service, which will naturally be subject to a validation process before they can be made downloadable on LINE Deco. Users can present their creations through the form on the Share your creations page within the app.

To celebrate the launch of the app,the more than 3,000 decorative elements available will be offered free of charge until the end of April. Paid items representatives of popular characters and other content are planned for the foreseeable future.

LINE DECO a nice and nice idea that allows Android and iPhone users to customize their smartphones in a nice and cute way. It is obvious that more experienced users prefer to use customized themes and icon packs to change graphics and interfaces to Android and iPhone, but with LINE DECO even less experienced users will have the opportunity to customize and change the graphics of their smartphone in an easy way, fast and free.

LINE DECO a nice program that I recommend at least to try.

Download| LINE DECO from the Google Play Store

Download| LINE DECO from the Apple App Store

With LINE DECO you can personalize and decorate your mobile phone with a large variety of designs. Give your smartphone a more original look with LINE DECO

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