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Palm and Gateway versus Microsoft

Palm and Gateway against Microsoft – logomacitynet1200wide 1

There will be witnesses from both Palm and Gateway in the group of those called to testify in the next round of the trial against Microsoft. Some managers of the two companies, among the most prominent in Silicon Valley and the American IT world, are in fact in the list that states dissenting from the agreement that Redmond has reached with the DOJ, have presented to Gateway judge Kollar-Kottely.Anthony Fama, an OEM who in the past had already tried to 'challenge' Microsoft with some initiatives such as the use of operating systems alternatives, by stating that the remedy proposed by the states necessary to prevent Microsoft from continuing to favor the manufacturers of personal computers that support its products over those that do not. Fama reiterates that the remedy proposed by Microsoft and the DOJ cannot limit this discrimination.Michael Mace, head of the office that deals with competition in the market in Palm, will argue that the Bill Gates company has tried to block the development of Palm using anti-competitive techniques, such as preventing access to development tools for Microsoft systems. Mace will also lay out to argue that the sanctions proposed by the states are a critical aspect to allow Palm to continue to interoperate with the Microsoft Windows platform given that the Justice Department, with its agreement, has failed in this regard. a very hot month for Microsoft. The day after tomorrow, Wednesday 6 March, Judge Kollar-Kottely will begin a series of sessions whose purpose will be to decide whether the agreement between DOJ and Microsoft pursues the public interest or not. Subsequently, on 11 March, sessions will also begin to evaluate the proposals for sanctions that the 'rebel' states would like to apply to Microsoft.

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