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On March 15 farewell to Be

On March 15 farewell to Be – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The date of Be's official death certificate will be March 15th. On Friday next week, in fact, it will be the last during which the company symbol will be listed on Wall Street. The announcement comes from the liquidators of Be whose assets have been entirely sold to Palm. We remember that Be, founded many years ago by Jean Louis Gasee, already among Apple's main managers, has long tried to open a "third way". ”Alternative to Mac and Windows. After managing to produce an operating system for PPC, she was forced by the closure of the Apple clone project to migrate to the PC platform, clashing with Microsoft. After a few years of struggle and after having taken refuge in embedded systems and for PDAs, Be was forced to close by selling its technologies, as mentioned, to Palm A few weeks ago Be announced that it had sued Microsoft for unfair competition and destruction of its business through anti-competitive tactics.After March 15, what will remain of Be's properties and business, very little now, will be redistributed to its shareholders and from then on the company will officially cease to exist.

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