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No tethering via iPhone for Vodafone Italia

marzo 23, 2020

No iPhone Tethering for Vodafone Italy? The hypothesis that the mobile operator does not allow the possibility of connecting iPhone to the computer to use it as a modem, emerges from the analysis of the configuration files submitted to Macitynet.

In the latest version, the one that should become operational with the launch of iPhone 3.0, among the strings of the code there is no mention of the possibility of connecting the phone to the computer, one of the novelties of the latest version. At the moment it is not possible to say if at the time of the launch of the new sign there will be new bundles available and if in these there will be the option for Tethering, which is certain that at the moment (as seen in the photo) the function is not active in settings -> general -> Network.

It should be noted that Vodafone had been indicated, in a WWDC slide, as one of the operators for which the iPhone connection option would have been activated, but since the company active in many countries Italy could be among the nations for which have made a different choice.

Recall that the connection of the iPhone as a modem, at least on paper, should not upset the plans of the operators especially in Italy where the plans for the iPhone have severe limitations in the amount of data, contrary to what happens elsewhere where there are contracts with unlimited data.

As for Tim (also indicated as one of the operators who would have activated tethering), instead, both from the configuration code and from some tests, it is possible to use iPhone as an external modem.