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Netflix Party, to watch films in the company of everyone at home

It's amazing how technology helps you stay close, while being far away. The umpteenth idea to stay at home, but to bring users closer, is called Netflix Party and, as the name suggests, allows you to watch movies on Netflix together, each one at his home. After the news on the video quality reduction, here's how to activate the Party function.

It is an extension of Chrome, thanks to which it will be possible for more people to watch a movie on Netflix simultaneously, each staying at home. After installing the extension, simply start a Netflix video. At this point, you can copy the link generated by Netflix Party, and send it to several people.

Netflix Party, to watch films in the company of everyone at home

In this way, all you have to do is synchronize the video flow between all the participants, so that each one will watch the same scene at the same exact moment. Furthermore, with the integrated chat, it will be possible for viewers to comment on the scene of the film being viewed. Obviously, viewers will need to enjoy a Netflix subscription, and will have to use Google Chrome.

This is certainly an interesting feature, especially considering the forced quarantine. Furthermore, it is not necessary to provide any access credentials, which is why it is a secure function.

To start watching Netflix in company, just go to this address and click on "Install Netflix Party" at the top right.