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Netatmo Presence, Netatmo's security is also outside

(banner) … (/ banner) Home security is very important, but operations, if done in the right way, must also involve security outside the home, before thieves have the opportunity to enter: NetatmoPresence takes care of this, the new smart outdoor video camera of the French company, which thanks to a fast and safe installation, allows to significantly increase the level of security of domestic and non-domestic environments, more than the use of internal rooms would.

Smart security Netatmo knows about it, as we have had the opportunity to try it with the Welcome indoor room: smart notifications, face recognition and video management of events, even in real time.

But with Presence, security takes on a very different and more complete aspect.

With Presence outside as inside

The installation of Presence is very easy, just a hook and an energy socket, since the camera connects exclusively via Wi-Fi: as far as recognition is concerned, much more difficult outside than inside, the camera can understand when to approach a shape human, a car or an animal.

The room can also turn on the front LED flash both to illuminate the environment and as a precaution against any malicious people.

Presence, not yet compatible with HomeKit, available with both the iOS and Android environment, through specific Apps and thanks to an integrated Micro SD card, it can keep recordings even without the Wi-Fi signal for a certain period of time.

Netatmo Presence will be available through retail and online channels from the end of November (with bookings from the beginning of the month) at an estimated price of around 299.99 Euros.