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Movie coming to the Italian iTunes store?

Is Apple preparing to launch the sale of films and TV shows also in Italy? The question for now has no definite answer, but some clues that have emerged in the last few hours open, if nothing else, for the first time the hope of being able to access this type of offer.

The signal that something could be about to change comes from the section dedicated to updating the iPhone on the Italian website. Here among the news we read explicitly that from the iTunes Store with the new iPhone you can buy and download "music, movies, games and audiobooks". Obviously it could be a simple slavish translation from the American site done in a "brute" and approximate way and not a precise information on the functionality; but Macity considers this hypothesis unlikely. The evidence in what happens in other international sites that are all different from each other indicating that Apple has paid close attention to the topic, as can be understood since a functionality is being communicated to the public and that this could cause confusion and problems in who then should not find it available.

For example, the Japanese website talks about music video clips and audiobooks, the British one for films, TV programs and audiobooks, the Spanish one for music videos, music and audiobooks, and the French one for TV series, video clips and audiobooks. The Portuguese site does not even mention the possibility of downloading on the iPhone. In short, 7 different information. We are not, therefore, in front of a translation made elsewhere compared to the country where the announcement is made, but something that has been compiled by those who know what is happening in that specific country and it should therefore have been Apple Italy to do it that obviously knows about the (current) absence of Movies on the iTunes Store.

As mentioned, we are faced with simple clues and it would be hasty to draw conclusions. In any case, the situation seems to be moving and unless in the next few days or hours the Apple page is corrected, it is legitimate to expect news.

Thanks for the report to Stefano Cavaliere