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Microsoft, states want to destroy us

Microsoft, states want to destroy us – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The effect of sanctions that states ask Judge Kollar-Kottelly could have serious effects on Microsoft, even its destruction. The worried cry of alarm comes directly from the CEO of the company, Steve Ballmer, who has chosen to launch the tribune of witnesses during the hearings that surround the trial.Ballmer, called to testify last February 8, said of having no idea how Microsoft could comply with requests from states: 'the only thing we could do' said the CEO 'would be to withdraw Windows from the market. We would have no other solution. " A choice that could cause serious damage to Microsoft and even its exit from the scene and its closure.Ballmer refers, in particular to the request to present to the public a version of Windows without Internet Explorer, a version deemed impossible according to Microsoft's official position. 'We should release 8000 different versions of Windows,' said Ballmer

Ballmer's deposition was spread by Microsoft herself along with that of Jim Allachin, observing a provision that ordered the distribution to the newspapers of the transcripts of five of the interrogations that have taken place in the past weeks. Interesting, in particular, the admission of Allachin , one of the vice-presidents of Microsoft, who asked one of the lawyers of the States if he realized that the practices followed by Microsoft to maintain the monopoly were illegal or not simply answered 'yes. The deposition, available from the site

Microsoft with that of Jim Barksdale of Netscape and Mitchell Kertzman of Liberate Technologies. Note that the testimonials are not complete because they are censored in sensitive 'parts'.

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