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Microsoft replies about the education licensing policy in Italy

To simplify the numerous questions we have received, let's summarize everything in these few terms: are there licenses for students and teachers of Office for Mac OS X (version v.X) and for Mac OS 9 (version 2001)?

Here is the official response from Microsoft Italy. "The student and teacher license has been modified at European level since January 2002. This change is described in a document, public, available on the Microsoft website.

In essence, the new student and teacher license code only concerns the Standard version of Office XP. The previous code, available while stocks last, allows instead the choice between Office 2000 Professional, Office XP Professional or Office 2001 for Macintosh.

To meet the needs of students and teachers interested in the versions of Office for Mac (98, 2001 and v.X), AE (Academic Edition) codes are always available. These are complete products offered at an advantageous price to students and teachers.

In the face of changes in the student license, AEs for Mac have undergone a significant reduction in price. Find all the details on this page and this page.

Regarding the specific requests of your reader who spoke of possible discrimination against some categories of users and evasiveness of our Student Licensing Service, here is what we can say in light of the above: it is not a discrimination against Education users (schools / universities / teachers and students) but simply a reorganization of the offer that does not detract from the advantages dedicated to this type of customer; The Student Licensing Service also provided the customer with the correct answer (student license not available and teacher for Office vX) and, probably, he directed it to the reseller in response to a request for information on the prices of the products since, since these are not set prices, the same Licensing Service or Customer Service would risk providing incorrect information. "

In the margin we inform you that on Apple Store Italy there is an offer on Office vX Academic Edition at a special price which, combined with an extra discount of 25 Euros on the first purchase that is proposed in these days brings the final price to very interesting levels .