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Make Ringtones: creating ringtones for iPhone

Make Ringtones: making ringtones for iPhone – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Make Ringtones on your Mac will be available soon in the Apple online store in the United States and will subsequently also be distributed in other countries. It is a program that includes over 300 ringtones ready to be used on the iPhone: all you need to do is drag them into iTunes and then sync iPhone as usual. In addition, this Mac software allows you to create infinite new personalized ringtones starting from scratch or using hundreds of effects and quality bases created by professionals.

Also from the AMG developer coming Ringtones for your iPhone: this package will be available at the lowest price of $ 29.99, about 21 euros. It will not allow you to create personalized ringtones, on the other hand with its 400 ringtones ready to be used with iPhone it represents an excellent alternative for those who want to personalize their smartphone without wasting too much time.

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