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Macromedia announces Flash MX: finally also for Mac OS X

Macromedia Flash MX will also be available in Italian and the cost of the upgrade for owners of previous versions, also in the studio version will be $ 199, with precedence in the distribution of electronic versions

Flash MX is defined by Macromedia as the fastest way to create exceptional Internet content and applications with a better return on investment. It contains video, multimedia and application development functions to create user interfaces, online advertising, e-learning courses. and high-impact business applications for an installed base (of the player) of over 414 million Internet users on all major platforms and peripherals thanks to the well-established Macromedia Flash Player client.

On the occasion of the announcement of Flash MX, Macromedia Italia has organized a series of events that aim to show the new features and functionality of the software: in a Roadshow dedicated entirely to Flash, it will be possible to discover all the new features (also in Mac OS X) in Turin, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Verona and Milan, from 14 to 27 March.

From 2.30pm to 5.30pm each meeting will explain what the MX version offers, thus highlighting the new features for both the designers and the developers of the code.– optimized workflow; – the new design tools; – video support, audio and dynamic loading of images and audio; – advanced management of text and fonts; – integration with other Macromedia software; – anchors that can be named within a swf; – how to create accessible Flash content; – the numerous new features of the ActionScript editor; – the new ActionScript commands (among which: Set Interval; Stage Properties; Event Models; textField, textFormat; draw API; Sound; Shared Object); – the controls for managing the audio; – the components of Flash; – shared objects.

Here are the main news of Flash MX according to the Macromedia brochure

"Video support Create impressive content and applications that include videos. Import any standard video file supported by QuickTime or Windows Media Player, including MPEG, DV (Digital Video), MOV (QuickTime) and AVI. Manipulate, scale, tilt, mask and animate video objects and make them interactive with the help of scripts. The video is originally supported in Macromedia Flash Player 6 with the addition of Sorenson Spark codec.

Practical user interface with the new Property inspector and the Answers panel Learn how to use Macromedia Flash MX quickly thanks to its practical and flexible development environment. UI improvements include collapsible panels and a new context-sensitive Property inspector that highlights which tools and objects can be used in relation to a selected item. The UI also contains a new Responses panel that connects the Web. to the development tool by offering useful information for designers and developers within the user interface.

Dynamic loading of images and audio Macromedia Flash Player 6 dynamically loads external JPEG and MP3 files during runtime. The advantages are considerable: the file size is significantly reduced and the developer can make changes to the content without having to recreate it.

Anchors with name Develop user interfaces and applications that can be used to guarantee your users a truly unforgettable Web experience. Thanks to the named anchors, you can bookmark Macromedia Flash MX content and then use the browser's Next and Back buttons.

New graphic design tools and improvements to the Color Mixer function With the new tool Free transformation and the control of the hooks at the pixel level (which add creativity and control over the graphic content) the designers register more productivity. The improvements made to the Color Mixer function facilitate the creation, modification and use of colors and shades thanks to color selection models and homogeneous interfaces.

Optimized application server integration Use structured XML data to insert content into graphic-rich user interfaces and create sales forms, virtual shopping carts and inventory tables. Continuous XML connectivity allows you to view information in real time.

Development and reproduction of accessible content Macromedia Flash Player 6 supports support technologies such as screen readers through Microsoft Active Accessibility support. In addition, Macromedia Flash MX integrates tools for creating accessible content. To add descriptive text to animations and user interface elements, select a component and enter its description. In this way, users with disabilities will also be able to enjoy your content.

Support in multiple languages Vertical text and Unicode support in Macromedia Flash MX allow developers to quickly create content and applications in multiple languages. Macromedia Flash MX available in 11 languages, including three new ones: Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Enlarged image

Design for multiple media Create and use content on any browser, platform or peripheral that supports Macromedia Flash Player, the most popular client technology on the Internet. Macromedia works with hardware vendors, operating systems and browsers to ensure the availability of Macromedia Flash Player on more established desktops and platforms (Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux, Solaris, MicrosoftTV, Symbian EPOC, Pocket PC and others).

Embedded components for the user interface Accelerate development with a set of built-in and customized components for common application interfaces, including scroll bars, text field, input buttons, radio buttons and combo boxes. These components guarantee a common user experience in all applications created with Macromedia Flash MX. "

For more information and for a tour of the new features, start from this Macromedia page.

Flash MX will be available from March 15th at a price of $ 499. The player, according to Macromedia, will be presented the day before