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Jobs in defense of digital music

Jobs to defend digital music – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Jobs champion of the rights of buyers of music CDs. Apple's CEO addressed the issue of audio piracy and how production companies should deal with it in the context of the Grammy awards, during which Apple was honored, the first one won by a computer company. stigmatized, in particular, the choices in terms of online music of some of the companies that launched this business. According to the major Apple manager, the way in which digital music is distributed does not make it easy for customers who buy it to create their own CDs and this prevents the success of these services. "Nobody uses the purchase of music online – Jobs said – if you buy music legally I know it must have the right to manage it on all the devices you want" According to Jobs Napster's lesson has not been collected. "Napster's popularity – Jobs said – was mainly due to the ease and practicality of use rather than the fact that you could download music for free. Over 80% of people who download music online would be willing to pay for it, but there is no one who offers a concrete option in this sense "Jobs also cited iPod as an example of a device that discourages music piracy. Copying from a single Mac is a deterrent, Apple CEO explained against illegal use. According to Apple, precisely this type of function stimulated the jury to award the Grammy.

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