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iPhone Tim: last minute price increase?

Last minute increase for the cost of Tim's iPhone 3G S? According to Macity sources, the Telecom Italia mobile operator would have decided to raise the cost of the new version of the phone during the late morning yesterday, after having had the certainty that the competitor had established its price list at 719 and 619 euros.

According to what our site was able to know from very reliable sources, Tim had been evaluating for several days to keep the cost of the iPhone 3G S at 599 and 699.The price, as we said now last week, had been communicated in these terms to some important consumer chains by the top management who then put their contacts in retail outlets on standby by inviting them to wait for confirmations; only certainty to keep in mind: the price of the iPhone would have increased compared to the 3G model.

The certainty (repeated several times by Macity in recent days almost alone on the Italian Internet) of a higher price and the need to remain in stand-by with the presumed prices, this morning were still stuck at the point of the past week when two several sources, also these known and from our site considered very reliable, contacted us and citing some Tim agents operating in the business sector reiterated the cost of 599 and 699 euros as written in the provisional price lists.

When the Vodafone list appeared (which Macity was the first to anticipate in Italy), the first doubts began to arise about the persistence of good intentions Tim: difficult to go on the market with a terminal of 20 euros lower running the risk of selling someone in pi, but also to give up a good 30% of the margin offered by Apple. Timely late in the evening the official confirmation to our doubts: Tim presented a price list for the iPhone without a contract identical to that of the competitor.

The operation, Macity's sources report, was decided in extremis, even late in the morning, in the context of an underground war between two competitors who sometimes challenge each other openly, sometimes play at the tip of a foil, but not in some cases apply a kind of gentlemen agreement where "dog does not eat dog".

In reality, part of the responsibility of Apple, which offers its iPhones at identical prices and with very reduced margins (around 10%), leaving a low margin to discounts and promotional transactions. It is no coincidence that all over the world, within each country. iPhone costs are practically the same regardless of the mobile operator and that the battle will then take place on subsidies, bundle costs and discounts for certain services.

Now we will see if it will also be in Italy, even if the experience of last year where the offers were different only in the details and the first signs that reach us in the editorial office in these hours, do not currently give us much hope.