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iPhone, the old 16 GB model will come out of the price lists

The previous generation 16 Gb iPhone destined to disappear from Italian channels. Here is what Macity has learned in recent hours from reliable sources according to which, however, the "non-S" mobile phone will still be available while stocks last.

The information emerges from the Vodafone price lists which are still being defined in terms of price, but which have already been completed regarding the offer. In the catalog there will be the 32 and 16 GB "S" model and the 8 GB version; the latter, to mark a break with the past (most likely also in terms of price), should have a part number (the code with which the product is indicated) different from the previous one.

Recall that at the moment in the price lists of both Vodafone and Tim there are still all the products of the previous series even if some are indicated as "not available" for purchase. The presence in the channels of a significant amount of 16 and 8 GB iPhone 3G could be among the reasons why Apple and the mobile phone operators would have decided to raise the cost of the 3G S model, at least if the sources report a cost up to 699 euros for the 32 GB model are right.

Meanwhile, as several readers point out, Vodafone has put the pages dedicated to the iPhone 3G S (the one that can be reached from the home) off line where a "work in progress" sign now stands. It could be the preparatory maneuvers for the formal launch of the offer which should take place on Tuesday.

Indeed, on Tuesday, there will be a briefing between the operators, Apple and the accredited press journalists who will have all the information from the parties on how to launch it in Italy. Before that, at this point on Monday, always according to the sources consulted by our site, there should be meetings with the managers of the stores (both Tim and Vodafone) for the official offer.

Thanks for the reports to Vincenzo Annunziata, Marco Raimondi, Sergio Sposato and Raffaele.