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iPhone, price increases also abroad

iPhone more expensive only in Italy? It would not be said. The cost of the Apple mobile phone if the comparison is made in a version similar to that sold in our country, or without a contract, seems to be more expensive everywhere.

In recent days, our site had already brought the Canadian and British examples as evidence of this fact. Just from England, now that Italian prices have been published, new confirmations are coming from a comparison with the aforementioned Pay & Go rates in the United Kingdom. From this particular purchase formula that does not bind to any annual or two-year contract, it emerges that the new iPhone 3G S costs 440 pounds, 516 euros, while previously it cost 391, how to say 519 euros against 458, curiously about 60 euros increase, not too different from the Italian rise. The 32 GB model costs 538 pounds with the 391 of the 16 GB model, 141 pounds, equal to 172 euros, also here not far from the approximately 150 euros of difference that there is in Italy between the old 16 GB model and the new 32 GB model.

If you want to have a confirmation of the fact that the discount applied in the USA on the 8 GB model resulting from a subsidy operation by the AT&T operator and not from an action on the price of the hardware, this comes from the comparison with that which always happens in England: the entry level model purchased with Pay & Go costs exactly the same amount as £ 342.50. A bit like what will happen in Italy where a price of 499 euros is expected, the same as the previous version.

In the face of all this, it seems to be quite clear that it was Apple who made a price increase to the retailer. On the other hand, this opinion is also reinforced by some statements by the British operator O2 according to which the manufacturer of Cupertino was the one who changed his pricing policy. Those who accuse Italian mobile operators, therefore, for the increase in mobile phone costs could also have targeted the wrong targets.

Finally, those who complain about the price of the iPhone in Italy more expensive, however, than abroad, should remember that in the UK VAT at 15% and that the cell phones sold by O2, also in the Pay & Go formula, are therefore blocked on the operator network and on the contrary by the Italian ones, they cannot be used with the operator you want.