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iPhone OS 3.0: release in the evening

iPhone OS 3.0: the release in the evening – logomacitynet1200wide 1

iPhone OS 3.0 represents the most important update of the operating system since its introduction two years ago with the first iPhone EDGE and the first iPod touch. In these two years, Apple's software and hardware solutions have revolutionized the smartphone sector and brought a breath of fresh air to the pocket multimedia player sector. Beyond the upheavals in the IT world, the more than 40 million iPhone OS users are looking forward to being able to get their hands on the new version 3.0 from the day of the official presentation. Dozens and dozens of new functions, improvements and finally the introduction of functions requested loudly for months if not years, see the copy and paste and the MMS: it is not difficult to understand the origins of the impatient wait and the great expectations that today they make their pressure felt as we approach the traditional timetable for the release of updates by Cupertino.

iPhone OS 3.0 may already be available around 6pm tonight or, as has occurred with the latest Firmware updates (and as is usually the case with all Apple software), it may be released late in the evening.

The great impatience has played a bad joke to users who live in the East of the globe: in New Zealand, Australia but also Singapore, Japan and so on the release of the Firmware was postponed by Apple for one day to Friday 18. It is not about a real delay as well as a correction of the release time for all those countries where the large difference in time zone would in fact have required early availability. To deceive the wait, we refer readers to the news and articles of Macitynet, in particular to this page that contains tips and suggestions on how to prepare for the Firwmare 3.0 update.

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