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iPhone OS 3.0 on iPod touch and iPhone is available. Here's how to update

The moment of the most awaited update for those who have an iPhone or an iPod touch arrived: Wednesday 17 June at 7 pm the X hour of the release of iPhone OS 3.0 and who owns a digital player with a touch screen made in Cupertino can now download it .But attention must be paid …

Before updating …Software updates are not destructive events: Apple usually does not combine disasters such as deleting all your data but a little precaution always necessary and above all it gets you used to carrying out operations that should be carried out periodically such as backing up the contents of your iPhone or iPod touch, here are the operations that we strongly recommend to carry out before the update:

– download the latest version of iTunes from the Apple website, 8.2 which allows you to manage devices with iPhone OS 3.0 and install it on a Mac or PC.

– synchronize the touch device with your Mac or Windows computer through iTunes. You can thus transfer without problems, having activated the appropriate options, the contacts in your address book, and lots of vital data.

– send yourself the most important notes that you need to keep by email: even if the entire contents of the iPhone is managed by the backup and you can always restore it well to have them available in case everything goes wrong.

– synchronize photos taken with iPhone or iPod touch screenshots with your Mac or PC: just connect the device to the computer, activate iPhoto on Mac, Adobe Photo Albums or directly the system to transfer them to the memory of a desktop or laptop. Here too: the backup also takes care of the photos but having them recorded also in a different place offers greater security.

– back up the device: you can activate it by pressing the right button on the iPhone icon or touch in the left list of iTunes.

Those who have an iPhone Edge If you have an unlocked first generation iPhone, more commonly called iPhone Edge, than those that many Italian users have purchased in the USA, it will be good if you curb your enthusiasm: your phone may update to version 3.0 but the operation could block it all or at least deactivate the telephone section. You could consider keeping the 2.2.1 firmware or, if you are sure that your phone has been unlocked with Pnwage, proceed with the update. Watch out for: the first users who did so lost the ability to access YouTube and had problems with the activation of the location service. Remember that Apple prohibits the practice of Jailbreak on their phones.For those who want to try immediately, refer to this page of our Forum for the experiences of our readers.

Those who can upgrade for free and immediatelyThe owners of a first generation iPhone with a regular contract or unlocked by the operator and those of iPhone 3G can download the update from the Apple site when it is available and then perform the update without problems, perhaps observing first the indications that we report more in To update your iPhone just connect it to your Mac or PC with iTunes running, select it in the list on the left and then click on the "Check for Updates" button: depending on your model you will get a file with the suffix "3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw" of about 230 MB that will be used to update iPhone.The initials of version 3.0 the same as the Golden Master released a few days ago.

Those who have to pay almost 8 EurosMaybe not everyone knows it but the main updates of the iPhone OS are not free for those who own an iPod touch: Apple, for administrative reasons, decides how much to charge the update and also set a price of 7.99 Euro last time, a figure that should be paid in our country also on this occasion. Honestly, given the news that brings the new version, including the activation of stereo bluetooth capabilities with a chip that had been "hidden" in the second generation iPod touch, let's say that the game the candle is worth it.If you have an iTunes Store account with a credit card or other system you can proceed with the purchase without problems, if instead you are not used to buying applications and songs you can follow two ways: or perform the update after creating an account online or purchase one or more iTunes cards from Apple retailers or the major retailers who market them. They are available in denominations that start from 15 Euros to 50 Euros.

If you have your payment system ready go to >> this page this page of the Macitynet Forum where you can find many other readers who will help you solve your problems.

Happy updating!

Once updated, let us know your usage impressions. We look forward to seeing you on

this Macitynet Forum page.