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iPhone also at the Apple Store in Rome

iPhone also at the Apple Store in Rome – logomacitynet1200wide 1

iPhone also at the Apple Store in Rome. Here is the news with the launch of the 3G S version advertised this morning on the website of the Length store. The availability of the mobile phone this Friday at the only Apple-branded store was confirmed to some of our readers who subsequently contacted our site soon.

The sale of iPhone at the Apple Store, as mentioned, a novelty. Previously, the mobile phone could only be sold by Tim or Vodafone stores and by some large retail stores and outlets that had an agreement with the two operators. Even the Apple Premium Resellers who sold the cell phone actually operated as a sort of Tim retailer. But in Length, the store never offered iPhones.

The Apple Store in Rome will open at eight in the morning, an unusual hour (normally the doors open wide at 10 in the morning) which has been agreed with the shopping center which is still closed at that time. The entrance from which to access will be the main one, hence security will lead customers to the Apple store which will be the only one in activity.

The iPhone will cost a price not yet defined (but it will certainly be the same as the operators) and it is not possible to make any reservations. The advice is to request a personal shopping reservation that does not provide any guarantee in terms of purchase, but could give rise to some discounts.

More information on the location of the store and on how to reach the Apple Store in Rome Length at this link

Thanks for the report to Franklin

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