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iPhone 3GS: the first partial unboxing on the web

iPhone 3GS: the first partial unboxing on the Web – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Aesthetically identical to the previous iPhone 3G, the new and enhanced iPhone 3GS will be in stores in 7 days, in any case some lucky people have managed to get their hands on the smartphone in advance. Although now all fans know that aesthetically there are no relevant news, the curiosity for the unpacking of a new Apple device always remains great, even more so if it is an iPhone.

The images have been published on the iTalkiPhone website and it is a partial unboxing. In addition to the photo of the package also published by TBGR, it is not possible to admire the content and its layout but only iPhone 3GS already extracted. As expected, the box and smartphone are practically identical to those of the iPhone 3G: the only details that deviate from the previous model are the digital compass, captured in an image, and the silk-screen printing on the back of the device which reports the capacity of 32GB. In this article we report an image published on the Web: we remind readers that in order to view iTalkiPhone images it is necessary to register first.

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