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IPhone 3G S Tim rates, little or nothing changes

IPhone 3G S Tim rates, little or nothing changes – logomacitynet1200wide 1

As Macity anticipated last night, little or nothing changes in Tim's iPhone rates.

The costs of the new monthly subscription published a few minutes ago (and visible at the bottom of this article) are in fact very similar to the previous 2.0.

Scrolling through the prices and the bundle included you learn that the prices of the iPhones, as previously, range from 0 to 269 euros with the only 8 GB model that can be purchased at "zero" cost but only with the not affordable "Unlimited" from 180 euros per month. By subscribing to the minimum rate of 15 euros, the iPhone costs 199 and 269 euros in the 8 GB and 16 GB version. The only variant of some interest is the fact that the only possibility of obtaining a grant for the iPhone 32 GB is to subscribe to the aforementioned 180-euro tariff. At this point we obtain both the 16 Gb model and the 32 GB model at 69 euros.

Yesterday evening our site had speculated that operators were preparing not to substantially change the iPhone rates, trying to favor for those who decide to subscribe with a greater discount on the terminal. In fact, our prediction came true: those who buy the 16 GB model get the same previous price despite the iPhone costs 50 euros more.

Those who want to have an iPhone without a contract can continue to subscribe to the Maxxi for iPhone at 10 euros per month which offers 50 MB per day of browsing.

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