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iPhone 3.0: scrolls songs at variable speed

iPhone 3.0: scrolls the songs at variable speed – logomacitynet1200wide 1

While a song or podcast playing with the new iPhone 3.0 the user has a new scrubbing function. The function, translated into Italian and applied in practice, is useful for scrolling the piece forward or backward with more precision to identify the exact point. Using scrubbing on iPhone and iPod touch you can place the listening point in a very precise point and not just by jumping ten seconds in ten seconds as before.

To activate it, simply touch the progress cursor on the playback bar and then, without taking your finger off the screen, sliding your finger down changes the percentage of speed and therefore the scrubbing precision: "high speed", 25%, 50% and "precise" Scrubbing is particularly useful for musicians who often have to listen and listen to the same piece of a song numerous times.

The function works not only with music tracks but also with audio and video podcasts. For the latter, there is also the possibility to adjust the reading speed to 1.5 and 2x in order to consult an audiobook faster. In podcasts now there is also the possibility to send a friend the address to access by email. to the podcast itself by downloading it to your Mac, PC or iPod.

Below are some screens that show the scrubbing of iPhone 3.0 in operation and the new window that appears during the podcast consultation phase.

The Macitynet editorial team thanks Paolo Craighero for the report.

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