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iPhone 16 GB still on sale on

iPhone 16 GB still on sale on – ​​ logomacitynet1200wide 1

If you are not interested in the functions of the new iPhone 3G S, you want to save money to bring home a good capacity iPhone, capable of running the new iPhone 3.0 operating system at a lower price than the models presented in San Francisco you have available probably still little time to get their hands on the 16 GB models. To offer them still on the online market the same Tim (sponsor) who just restored stocks yesterday afternoon.

On the website of the mobile arm of Apple Italy are available apparently ready for delivery (even if the possibility to buy varies during the day) both the black model and the white model at the traditional price: 569 euros.

Recall that the previous generation iPhone 3G differs from the 3G S model in some details such as the camera, the processor, the screen cover and the electronic compass. On the other hand, as per official prices, it costs 50 euros less and will be able to load the new iPhone 3.0 operating system without any problems, the launch of which is scheduled for today, June 17

Anyone wishing to take advantage of the opportunity may have little time available. The 16 GB model seems to be destined to leave the catalog as soon as stocks are exhausted and at the time of writing, its actual availability seems to be, as mentioned, a little … dancer. Vodafone, for example, no longer presents it in the list announced yesterday to its dealers.

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