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iPhone 12: camera with new motion sensor, periscopic in 2022 | Kuo

marzo 23, 2020

Ming-Chi Kuoin his last letter to investors he returns to talk about the camera of the iPhone 12, and at this turn for not the 3D ToF sensor which was discussed a few days ago.

The news from the photographic sector on Apple's next smartphones, apparently, there will also be others. Kuo reports that all upcoming models mount larger sensors. Specifically, quellida 5.4 inches and from 6.1 inches with the double room, and that one 6.1 inches with the triple chamber, they will mount a lens 7P 1 / 2.6 inches for the wide-angle lens. While the model from 6.7 inches, which will be the biggest iPhone ever, will have a wide angle 7P 1 / 1.9 inches with support tomotion sensor to ensure better image stabilization. The latter would be a feature that, according to Kuo, Apple will expand all new iPhones in 2021.

For what concernsensoreToFfor augmented reality (now confirmed also by the iOS 14 code), which as easy to imagine similarities similar to that LiDAR seen on the new iPad Pro, only the two versions with triple camera, and therefore the 6.7-inch version, will be equipped one of the two from 6.1.

Also for Kuo, as already recently affirmed byDigitimes(which also confirms the rumors about the motion sensor), all models mentioned will be equipped with OLED screen.

And the periscopic lens for the zoom, which seems to be a hallmark of the top of the 2020 range, starting from the S20 Ultra? Apparently not just Apple has no intention of adopting it on the generation of iPhones this year, but not even on the next one: Kuo in fact estimates that will be introduced only in 2022.