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iOS 7: New security BUG that disables the "Find my iPhone" and …


iOS 7: New security BUG that disables the "Find my iPhone" and bypasses the Activation Lock without password

The bug that allows you to bypass the unlock code now occurs in all versions of iOS even if it changes shape and changes in the steps but the fact remains that it is always possible to bypass it in a few simple steps. Now with iOS 7 the new bugs that allows you to have been discovered bypass the lock screen in all versions equal to or lower than 7.1 and the procedure disables the Find My iPhone function from the general system functions as long as there is an iCloud account connected.

How to bypass the iOS 7 unlock screen

  • At the iOS 7 request to enter the confirmation password, forcefully turn off the terminal.
  • When the terminal is restarted, iCloud can be deactivated without the password being requested, then access all the iOS 7 functions to eliminate the unlock password or any other limitation.

So we will have free access to information stored on the smartphone such as contacts, others sensitive data and personal information.

How to defend yourself

The only way to protect that of force the stand-by before placing it on tables or placing it within everyone's reach. So you should lock the smartphone before leaving, manually setting the lock.

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