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iOS 13, Personal Hotspot active but no Internet?

By Giacomo Martiradonna Monday 23 March 2020

If, when you enable Personal Hotspot on iPhone, you are unable to browse, you know that it is not your fault. This is an iOS 13 bug: here's how to fix it.

Some users have realized that, from time to time, thePersonal hotspot stops working correctly. This occurs in almost all versions of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, including older ones. Here's how to solve it, pending an official solution.

WIFi violation: install at least iOS 13.2 and macOS 10.15.1

WIFi violation: install at least iOS 13.2 and macOS 10.15.1

A hardware breach put millions of iPhones, iPads, and Macs at risk of a hacker attack. To protect yourself, just install at least one of these versions of iOS and macOS

In a recent internal document sent by Apple to all Apple Stores and Authorized Service Providers it is stated that there are problems with the use of the Personal Hotspot functionality on iOS 13; in some cases, you cannot browse with the shared connection. It would be a bug, which Apple is aware of and is already working on.

Waiting for a decisive software update (and it is not clear if iOS 13.4 already includes it), the official board of deactivate and reactivate Personal Hotspot. It will not be the maximum of practicality, but for the moment this passes the convent. In any case: don't worry, because it's not a hardware problem.