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Install PHP 4.1.2 in a "click" With Open OS X!

Connect to the site. Download, install. Refresh. Fill. Launch, activate. Connect to the server. Start. Cabbage! Does not work. Re-install, recompile, reactivate. Sometimes, taking advantage of the new capabilities made available by Mac OS X can become long and frustrating.

Why not try to eliminate the inconveniences of UNIX, returning to the legendary simplicity of the Macintosh? This must have been asked of OpenOSX Inc., a company that has set itself the goal of helping those who, although intimidated by the terminal's text commands, would like to take advantage of OS X's superior web tools. Maybe, also regaining the original ease of installation and management.

For those who do not have a precise idea of ​​the topic, we will say, briefly, that PHP is a cross-platform scripting language, through which it is possible to structure (and supply), easily, dynamically generated web pages. The applications range from the creation of e-commerce sites, archives, to databases that can be managed online. The speed and effectiveness with which these results can be obtained, made it possible that, in a short time, PHP became a standard for creating dynamic web content. Further information on this can be obtained by consulting the resource

OpenOSX, therefore, by virtue of the great interest "generated" by PHP, has created a package that deals with the installation of PHP itself, as well as the libraries connected to it: PDF Lib 4.0.2, Libcurl and Freetype 2.0.4, the all without typing a single text command. The package contains the most recent 4.1.2, protected from the security flaws discovered in previous versions, and enables the options: XML, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FreeType, iODBC, Tiff Lib, JPEG Lib, Z Lib, FTP, GD, WDDX, BC Math, Exif, Trans SID and Track Vars.

Last but not least, the possibility of easily integrating AppleScript, shell or java script or any other executable code that returns an output through a web browser.