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Ikea office … too bad

Ikea office … sin – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Mauro Dassetto writes: "In these days the Italian branch IKEA is sending its" Office "customers a CD-Rom with attachments of office services and programs. Too bad it only works for compatible PCs but so far ok … we are used to it; the curious thing that in the enclosed leaflet a photo with numerous recent Macs leaning against a desk is clearly visible, as they appear in almost all the explanatory photos present in the firm's paper catalogs. I don't think I'm the only customer "IKEA office "And therefore I believe that if IKEA receives a bit of e-mail maybe it could broaden its horizons …" The advice we give as usual is to protest politely using the form for opinions and customer support that you can fill in starting from the Italian home page.

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