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iFixit wants to create free guides with information on how to repair hospital equipment

iFixit, the site specializing in the sale of spare parts and manuals for DIY repairers or amateurs, invites expert users to share information that may be helpful in the repair of hospital equipment.

"Heroic medical teams around the world are grappling or preparing for the offensive. The American Hospital Association predicts that the impact from COVID-19 will be an unprecedented event, predicting that 4.8 million patients will have to be hospitalized (only in the US, ed.), 1.9 million of them entering intensive care, and for 960,000 a ventilation stand will be needed. " "There Society of Critical Care Medicine he predicts that US hospitals will need 26,000 to 56,000 more lung ventilators during the pandemic. "

Lung ventilators provide invasive and non-invasive ventilation support for a wide range of adult and pediatric patients; are devices that allow to increase or replace the spontaneous ventilation of an individual who has respiratory / ventilatory insufficiency due to various types of diseases.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the ventilators in question are helping patients too weak to breathe on their own and suffering from ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) or respiratory stress syndrome, a rather serious medical condition, characterized by an inflammatory process affecting the lungs, which compromises the functionality of the alveoli and their ability to assimilate oxygen from the inspired air.

iFixit wants to create free guides with information on repairs of hospital equipment

In China and Italy these fans have become fundamental and at this time widely exploited in hospitals for intensive care. There are few companies that produce these products (one of these, among other things, Italian) and in order to produce a greater number of lung respirators, the support of specialized staff of FCA, Ferrari and Marelli has also been activated in our country.

Biomedicine technicians are those who also deal with repairs; in many areas of the world the technicians in question are scarce, in hospitals various types of fans created by different manufacturers are used and there is no single reference source for the repair of these products.

Some manufacturers supply "service manuals" for their equipment, others do not supply them or are in any case not easy to obtain. In the forums of those involved in biomedicine there are often requests for service manuals in PDF but these, as I said, are not easy to find.

iFixit has decided to create a centralized resource (details here) for the maintenance and repair of hospital equipment. The company says it needs help and asks repairers from around the world, medical professionals, and biomedicine experts to help create a "solid, relevant and most useful source of reference."

Anyone can do it to offer their contribution by indicating the models, which parts can be repaired, information on how to do it, the components to be used, advice and even any details on components that can be 3D printed. The goal, as already mentioned, is to create a resource for those who need to repair these devices, easily accessible and complete. Not an easy task but with the collaboration of many people from various parts of the world, a great job can be done, for the benefit of all.

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