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IEEE 802.11b growing

IEEE 802.11b growing – logomacitynet1200wide 1

New confirmations come from the market on the success of the 802.11b wireless standard. The system, also called WiFi and used by Apple in its Airport peripherals, according to the investigation company Cahners In-Stat, ended last year with a real boom.The last quarter showed a growth of 14% compared in the same period of the previous year in terms of units sold. Sales are encouraged by constantly falling prices, both for network interfaces and at individual access points. This aspect led to a decline in terms of turnover, the only negative point of the WiFi trend. According to Cahners In-stat, the year 2002 will be characterized by a new increase in terms of units sold even if at a slower pace than that recorded during the course It is noteworthy that the market, in terms of penetration, was once again dominated by Cisco for the professional segment while Apple stands out in the home and consumer segment which alone grew by 20% with profits increasing by 11%. Cupertino among the top five retailers of IEEE 802.11b products

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