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How will the apps on the new iPhone 6 with a larger display appear?


How will the apps on the new iPhone 6 with a larger display appear?

The presence of two variants of the iPhone 6 has now been ascertained from several quarters, both with a larger display than the current model and therefore all application developers but also Apple who will develop its new OS will have to review all the dimensions of the graphic interface.

In fact the different size of the display of iPhone 6, which will be one from 4.7 inches and another 5.5 inches, will oblige all developers to redesign applications for iPhone 6 that must not be distorted but also must maintain backward compatibility with the other displays and therefore many other problems will arise for developers.

iPhone 6_2

In the past, the transition from the iPhone 4 with retina display caused quite a few problems even if Apple left the aspect ratio of the display unchanged, Apple itself implemented the x2 mode to double the pixels and see the old applications in full screen.

Instead the transition from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 Apple again changes the cards on the table going from a 3: 2 aspect ratio to the classic 16: 9 with other layout problems inviting developers to adopt the automatic layout that allows you to distribute the graphic objects of an application optimally to completely fill the screen regardless of the resolution.

iPhone 6_1

Now the new XXL size of the iPhone 6 should still create problems for developers who will have to readjust all applications for the new resolutions. As recently emerged, the display from 4.7 inches should have one resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels.

On balance, the applications developed for iPhones with 4-inch displays could be viewed on iPhone 6 inside one black frame while applications developed with automatic layout would automatically adapt to the new resolution.

In short, Apple always changes the iPhone specifications to iPhone but ready once again to offer clear indications to developers.

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