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GuardPeanut tag is controlled by smartphone to understand if someone moves an object

GuardPeanut a light and small sensor (4cm) that allows you to track the movements of any object, sending a notification or activating a warning sound on the phone when the object is somehow moved.

The sensor can be placed for example on a suitcase, a bag, on a laptop or other valuable object that they want to keep under control. It can also be useful to track someone's movements (e.g. our pet), understand if someone moves an object we particularly care about, check if the dog is at home or not, if the children are at home or not, exploited as a mechanism to control biscuit boxes, refrigerators and other dieters.

Using an application for smartphones or tablets (SensePeanut for iOS or Android) it is possible to associate the tag, attach it to the object to be checked and press the on / off button to start monitoring. GuardPeanut plays a sound when an object is "tampered with" in some way by sending a notification to the associated phone or tablet (up to 60 meters) allowing you to understand if someone is fumbling, touching or moving the object in question.

With the phone or smartphone outside the established range, it is possible to check if there were movements when the system re-contacted the tag, allowing you to understand if something was moved during the day. The device can also be used to understand if someone enters or leaves the house: just connect the tag to a door to understand what time the main door moved.

From the control app it is possible to monitor multiple tags, view graphs and movement times, functionalities also useful to shopkeepers to count the number of customers entering / leaving. The app supports IFTTT (web services that allow you to create simple command sequences, called "recipes", activated by other web services such as Gmail), allows you to set the sensitivity level, export the data history in Excel format or CSV (text file with comma separated fields).

GuardPeanut sold for 29 euros on the website, is expected to arrive shortly on Amazon and will also be available in some stores. In recent months had launched the version of Peanut capable of detecting the temperature inside a series of sensors capable of creating a small interactive control system capable of offering a new approach to "light" home automation.