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Goodbye Cast: the Google Home app arrives on the App Store

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It changes its name, although the features remain almost the same. The Google Cast app, formerly known as Chromecast, changes its name again. This time Google Home. There is a bit of confusion, given that Home is also the name of the peripheral for the house presented recently by Mountain View. But the name could also create some confusion with the Apple application of the same name, installed natively on iOS 10.

google home

The Google Home app the app to configure, manage and control Chromecast, Chromecast Audio and Google Home devices, the latter not yet available, nor announced, in Italy. Those who have a Chromecast device at home can, thanks to the app, use the integrated bar to discover content by searching for movies, TV shows or actors. The app also allows you to play, pause and adjust the volume on all Chromecast devices, customize the TV screen with the chosen photos and discover new apps, offers and content.

The application reflects the minimal, simple and candid style, which seems to characterize all modern apps, with a white background in plain view, on which windows and always legible contents stand out. The app also changes its icon, now in the shape of a stylized house, with the classic colors, now typical of the new Google logo.

Google Home available for free in the App Store for iPhone and iPad as a universal application. You can download it directly from here.