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Global wireless standard WiFi?

Global wireless standard WiFi? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

WiFi, the Airport standard, could be the winning and unexpected key for a global wireless network that will offer high speed Internet connections and the coveted "always on" mode, always online, indispensable for transforming PDAs into real ones multifunction gadgets, now possible only in the USA and only at a high price. Several in the USA are working on this horizon and in this direction: specialized companies, individual users and groups of amateurs. The dream is an "anarchist" and self-managed wireless network, similar in many respects to the Internet of origin where the networks have mutually opened using a common standard and constituting the global global network. In this specific case, the network would be based on the IEEE 802.11b standard and the "nodes" would be the private individuals who will have transmission stations in their home. In such a configuration, the only real difficulty to solve would be the ability to establish "roaming" similar to that of mobile phones, a technically simple problem to solve and the establishment of a sufficiently widespread and powerful network capable of covering large portions of the territory. Of course, it would also be necessary for each private individual to "open" his networks to other users or, alternatively, to establish commercial networks that support this standard and that broadband connections become the universal standard. The project is just starting out, but, as mentioned , there is already someone who believes it. Among them, as stated in an article in the New York Times, for example the Bay Area Wireless Users Group, a group of users from the San Francisco area in charge of which is Tim Pozar. Pozar and his group of friends have started to install a network of antennas in the area that at a cost of only $ 2000 each and for a total cost not even remotely comparable with that necessary for the establishment of a cellular network, will be able to offer wireless connectivity and a global computer network across the bay of San Francisco, also overcoming the difficulties posed by the low capacity of the home hubs.At the time, according to the NY Times, 19 companies are already working to make this project credible and provide the necessary technical support while on the horizon an amateur network is emerging but robust in terms of technologies and growth prospects capable of destroying the established order and defining a new way of understanding wireless. A network that at much lower costs will allow you to exchange data in the first place but also, potentially, to take the place of cellular telephony

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