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From Koogeek the compact and smart bluetooth blood pressure monitor

Monitor blood pressure simple and truly for everyone with the new Koogeek device. The Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor bluetooth wrist blood pressure monitor monitors pressure and heart rate and while showing the results on the monitor a voice tells you if the values ​​are normal and the data is sent to the Koogeek app on the iPhone.

How did Koogeek's Bluetooth Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Compact and simple, Koogeek's Bluetooth Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor arrives in the typical Koogeek cardboard box. The blood pressure monitor is a wrist device: a low band, about 5 centimeters wide, to be worn as a wrist cuff two inches away from where the palm ends with a square monitor with rounded corners. The monitor large enough to allow an effective reading of all values, which are displayed clearly and without the need for manuals can be interpreted from the first use.

The date and day are displayed at the top left, the beats at the bottom left, the pressure values ​​on the right side. The keys are four and these are also easy to understand: in addition to the on / off key, there are the buttons for viewing the stored measurements (the key to access the memory and the arrows to consult the stored values)

koogeek blood pressure monitor

Koogeek's Bluetooth Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor features

Everything about the Koogeek smart meter: intelligent and non-inflating compression so as to guarantee a comfortable and not annoying measurement. After the measurement, an entry (in English) scans the values ​​and explains whether the values ​​are normal.

Users can program an alarm that reminds them to measure pressure or to take pads.

The meter stores the values ​​of 99 measurements. All measurement data is automatically saved to the free Koogeek app via Bluetooth. Lapp Koogeek, if the user consents to the possibility of connecting with the Health app, saves the recorded data on Health (you must check the Health settings). Up to 16 different users can be monitored and their measurements tracked separately.

The writer tested the blood pressure monitor by testing it for a few weeks, comparing it with a digital blood pressure monitor, of those found in the pharmacy. No significant differences were ever found between the two meters as regards the values.

The pressure meter works with two mini-batteries to be inserted laterally.


– Large display with simple and immediately understandable graphics

– Ready to use all the functions from the first start without the need to read the instructions

– The possibility of constantly monitoring the transfer of own values ​​through the Koogeek app and with the Apple Health app


– It is essential to position the arm really well and stay still during the measurement.

– The item that marks the values ​​is not available in Italian.

You can buy it on Amazon

Koogeek's Bluetooth Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor can be purchased on Amazon for 32.99 euros (free shipping) from this link.